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  • Pallesthesia — refers to the sensation of mechanical vibration on or near the body. Vibration sense may be lost as a result of a number of lesions to the nervous system, often in conjunction with other deficits. [Dorland s Medical Dictionary.… …   Wikipedia

  • pallesthesia — The appreciation of vibration, a form of pressure sense; most acute when a vibrating tuning fork is applied over a bony prominence. SYN: bone sensibility, pallesthetic sensibility, vibratory sensibility. [G. pallo, to quiver, + aisthesis,… …   Medical dictionary

  • pallesthesia — pall·es·the·sia …   English syllables

  • pallesthesia — ˌpalə̇sˈthēzh(ē)ə noun Etymology: New Latin, from Greek pallein to shake + New Latin esthesia more at polemic : awareness or perception of vibration especially as transmitted through skin and bones …   Useful english dictionary

  • vibration sense — pallesthesia …   Medical dictionary

  • bone sensibility — pallesthesia …   Medical dictionary

  • vibratory sensibility — pallesthesia …   Medical dictionary

  • sensibility — The consciousness of sensation; the capability of perceiving sensible stimuli. [L. sensibilitas] articular s. appreciation of sensation in joint surfaces. SYN: arthresthesia, joint sense. bone s. SYN: pallesthesia …   Medical dictionary

  • pallanesthesia — Absence of pallesthesia. SYN: apallesthesia. [G. pallo, to quiver, + anaisthesia, insensibility] * * * pall·an·es·the·sia (pal″ən es theґzhə) [Gr. pallein to shake + anesthesia] loss or lack of pallesthesia (vibration sense).… …   Medical dictionary

  • hyperpallesthesia — hy·per·pal·les·the·sia (hi″pər pal″es theґzhə) [hyper + pallesthesia] abnormally increased sensitivity of the vibration sense (pallesthesia) …   Medical dictionary

  • hypopallesthesia — hy·po·pal·les·the·sia (hi″po pal″es theґzhə) [hypo + pallesthesia] abnormally decreased sensitivity of vibration sense (pallesthesia) …   Medical dictionary

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